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Press Release 02/10
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the first-ever

live web-Broadcast

From an independent Movie set

Web Launch Today: The dream of visiting a real movie set becomes reality as feature film-in-progress, HOLLYWOOD, PA, will demonstrate the digital wonders of the web at www.hollywoodpa.com.

Film Production starts Feb. 24: Through daily ‘webcasts’ on location in Pennsylvania, the ever-expanding internet community will not only be able to watch the challenges of independent filmmaking, but also to interact with the cast and crew.

“We want people to participate in and feel a part of our little movie,” says writer/director GREG SWARTZ. Together with producers NATE BARLOW and BOB ADLER, he allows life to imitate art as the film’s entire process will unfold as an interactive web event. “This is ‘History in the Making’, and we want it to be fun. Even if things get tense on set, we won’t turn the webcam off,” says SVEN PAPE, web director. He and GERALD STETSON, web producer, will focus exclusively on the online broadcast and the challenge of engaging an audience in the filmmaking experience.

The film itself, a comedy, tells the story of GORDY (Stephen Seeber), a filmmaker who returns from L.A. to his hometown of Holly Ridge, PA. Refusing to give up on his dreams of making the world’s greatest documentary, he broadcasts his entire life over the Internet. Soon, small-town-life takes on epic proportions as the quirky locals become global celebrities in a real-life internet soap opera.

Other cast members include Amber Benson from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Webcam-Pioneer Jennifer Ringley from JenniCam.org. She started webcasting her life three years ago, and currently averages five million hits per day. Besides playing a part in the film Jenni will also be one of the hosts of www.hollywoodpa.com. USA FILMS, MICROSOFT, iBEAM, SCOUR.COM, PA WIRELESS and the PENNSYLVANIA FILM OFFICE are some of the “players” actively involved to assist the “no-budget” production on its brave path of new streaming media.

Contact us for immediate interviews.

***complete press kit available on the web or upon request***