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Camp Hill, 02/15/2000 


Jennifer Ringley, Internet icon of JenniCam.org, joins forces with Hollywood, PA, an independent feature to webcast live on location in Pennsylvania. Ringley will not only play a cameo role in the film, but also host part of the live web stream behind the scenes. At www.hollywoodpa.com the Internet community will be able to both watch the challenges of filmmaking as well as interact with the cast and crew. The start date is Feb. 24.

Since Ringley started live broadcasting from her dormitory room three years ago, she has attracted an international fan base with an average daily hit rate of 5 million. Internet Surfers can watch her in her apartment at any time of the day, simply by turning to her homepage at www.Jennicam.org. Users can expect to see Ringley engaging in a variety of activities such as working, talking with friends and watching TV. At times, she undresses in front of the camera, which has drawn media controversy. However, her fans consider "Jenni" a true Internet pioneer, who refuses to turn the camera off. Hollywood, PA plans to bring that attitude to the live web casting of their production, committed to showing the reality of filmmaking.

Ringley first attempted live web casting from her dormitory room at Pennsylvania's Dickinson College. Soon Ringley established such a large following that her server could not supply the necessary capacity. In order to limit the number of hits, she attempted to keep the web address private, and changing it on a regular basis. It had the opposite effect, however. Ringley has since upgraded her hardware and moved to a Washington, DC apartment. JenniCam is now a semi-commercial service, and the veil of privacy has been lifted from its location.

Hollywood, PA is a comedy, following the antics of Gordy who broadcasts his entire life via the Internet from small-town, Pennsylvania. He turns it into a "global village" that mesmerizes an audience worldwide. The film is written and directed by Greg Swartz and produced by Nate Barlow and Bob Adler. The Web Broadcast, a production on its own, is directed by Sven Pape and produced by Gerald Stetson. [www.hollywoodpa.com]

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02/10/2000 live web-Broadcast

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