Gordy Cam Gordy Contest Gordy Shop Filmmaking Live Hollywood PA - live internet broadcast of an independent film production. Live streaming video of the making of a movie. Digital video camera broadcasts from the movie set of Hollywood PA.
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And it gets better !
How to use this Web
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The LIVE WEBCAST from the film set is now over, but you can still see the highlights by clicking on the section FILMSET,


Discover all the different aspects of indie filmmaking:

  • What does a first time director look like when he is 5 hours behind schedule?
  • Why is the Assistant Director screaming his head off?
  • What does a gaffer do apart from devouring the craft service table?
And finally?.
  • Who is hitting on the make-up girl?
These are important questions, and you can still be there to see them answered. We are all about the reality of filmmaking.

By clicking on the PRODUCTION OFFICE you can find all the background info on the team and the project, including 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW before making your own first feature and an incomplete but very inspiring FILM GLOSSARY.

You can always get the latest on post production by clicking on the CREW DAILY JOURNAL to read email highlights from the inside.

And it gets better!