Gordy Cam Gordy Contest Gordy Shop Filmmaking Live Hollywood PA - live internet broadcast of an independent film production. Live streaming video of the making of a movie. Digital video camera broadcasts from the movie set of Hollywood PA.
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And it gets better !
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And it gets better !
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  • You can become apart of the success story of HPA. Participate in unbelievable new forms of communication like a plain old message board, Email (if you have good ideas, share them with us! Each crew and cast member will have the option to answer directly) or a sign-up for a regular newsletter that will keep you posted on post-production.


  • Also very important, please sign up for the Gordy Contest as this will help us to get HPA into the theaters (by impressing the distributor with the already enourmous interest in the film).
Finally, be prepared for surprises...
  • Over the course of post production, we will presents lots of interesting ideas to you to keep the web site alive. We had over 4 Million Hits on our web site so far, thank you for that. Now we want to see if we can keep your interest and double the hits until our film premiere towards the end of the summer.
Who knows, this could be History in the Making ;-)


The HPA Team